Relationship revenue is the strategy of intentionally building connections with the people and businesses that you interact with to increase referrals and revenue.

Lucy Kelleher

Founder, Keep Them Loyal

No matter the size of your list, Keep Them Loyal will help you create a strategy to connect with existing contacts and find new leads for your business without spending money on advertising.  Once you find your ideal clients, Keep Them Loyal will work with you to craft unique messages for various contacts that keep your business top of mind.
A CRM isn’t just for your clients.  It’s a way to stay engaged with previous clients, potential clients, strategic partners, networking contacts, and vendors so you have consistent revenue and referral channels working even when you are not.
Not sure how to communicate with your contacts in a way that brings you business or referrals?  Know that you could be bringing in more leads, but not sure how to find them? Keep Them Loyal creates customized strategic plans to help your business grow and scale quickly and without advertising by creating and leveraging meaningful relationships.
Are your networking efforts paying off?  Find out how to track and measure your networking efforts so you know how and where to spend your time that brings you more business and more revenue.
Keep Them Loyal specializes in customized gift creation that makes your clients and strategic partners feel appreciated and keeps you mind for repeat business or a referral.
This service is particularly helpful if you are having a difficult time gaining traction in converting prospects or getting consistent referrals.  During this session, Keep Them Loyal will work with you to create a strategic plan for finding your ideal clients and building more lucrative relationships in networking efforts and with strategic partners.

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