What Clients Say About Keep Them Loyal

“Lucy has helped me identify processes that are tied back to my business goals.  She’s helped me develop systems to follow up with leads and stay connected to client. That’s helped me increase my capacity to grow my business .  I would highly recommend Lucy and Keep Them Loyal for any business at any level that is hoping to grow their relationship revenue.”

Gwen Beren, Illuminous Marketing

“Lucy Kelleher from Keep Them Loyal totally rocked my world by showing me how to build and nurture relationships not only with my clients, but also with leads, vendors, consultants and the people I meet at networking events. As a small business owner, I was overwhelmed by a drawer full of business cards and an email list of leads that I had no idea how to use! She offered a CRM strategy session to help me sift through what I really needed in a CRM to make it most useful for my business. She then provided three choices based on what I shared with her and one had everything I needed now and as I grow. But the best part of working with Lucy is she gave me a ton of practical and strategic ways to create channels of communication with anyone I meet so my relationships pay off for both parties!”

Kelly Stokes BrownOwner

“Lucy is a ROCKSTAR when it comes to client retention. When you coach with her you will see that she takes client retention from a whole new angle, that I personally had never experienced before. She is super creative with her ideas and reminds you that it’s not JUST all about this digital world we live in, there are so many other ways to retain your loyal clients. She is also a natural connector and referrer so when you work with her, you can guarantee she is going to tell the world about you and your business! I, really do, LOVE Lucy!”

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